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BTK Trial Scheduled Monday, But Where's the Jury? 
The trial of Dennis Rader, accused of being the BTK serial killer who murdered 10 people in the Wichita, Kansas area in the 1970s and 1980s, is scheduled to begin Monday, but none of the ...
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Criminal Defense Lawyer 
Criminal Defense Lawyer. Thursday, March 17, 2005. Find Criminal Appeal Attorney Here. posted by Lewis Eichele at 9:55 PM 0 comments. Find Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer Here
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Criminal Defense Lawyer Directory 
...Use this great Defense lawyer resource to quickly find criminal defense related legal information. To insure quality and relevancy.....If you are a lawyer or work for a legal law firm, ...
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Criminal Defense Lawyer 
Santa Fe New Mexico NM Criminal Defense Lawyer Board Certified Espanola Los Alamos Albuquerque Sandoval Rio Rancho Death Penalty Federal Courts Drug Juvenile Wiretap DWI DUI Murder ... been ...
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Peters, Roberts, Borsuk and Guest, P.A. 
Four lawyer firm concentrating in criminal defense, located in Decatur, Georgia.
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Boston is a melting pot supported by family and community 
Boston is a melting pot and diverse community. From early in its history, Boston was a US entry point for immigrants who shaped the city. Today diversity ranges from ethic groups to sexual ...
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Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers 
Criminal defense lawyers in Massachusetts representing people in criminal trials and appeals in all federal/state courts and agencies in Massachusetts.
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Find a Criminal Law Lawyer Today 
... Find a Criminal Law Lawyer. Sex offenses (rape, child ... Unfortunately, these are criminal actions that take place regularly in American society. Criminal law is the process in ...
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Washington, DC Criminal Defense Lawyer 
...If you have been arrested, the key to your freedom is an experienced criminal defense.....He handled thousands of criminal cases as a prosecutor before switching to defense. ...
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Carmic, Johnson, Wilson & McCulloch 
Illinois law firm represents clients in both state and federal court. Leave a message or browse resources.
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Cavett and Abbott 
Specializing in real estate litigation and criminal defense. The only multi-lawyer criminal defense firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer - MA Criminal Defense Attorney - Mass La 
Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer fights for those accused of all criminal charges, by using top defense strategies and legal motions. Protect your rights! ... Elliot Savitz is a ...
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0.  Defense case brevity baffles trial spectators (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Carolyn Neill, who has attended the Liz Carroll murder trial nearly every day, had some strong opinions about defense lawyer Greg Cohen's six-minute, one-witness defense.

1.  SACRAMENTO / Ex-investigator charged with forging papers (San Francisco Chronicle)
A former criminal defense investigator was charged Wednesday with forging statements from jurors, witnesses and others during appeals of four death penalty cases, in what state prosecutors called "one of the largest frauds on the justice system in California...

2.  Lawyer: Don't confuse Haditha with Hamdania killing (North County Times)
NORTH COUNTY -- A lawyer for a Camp Pendleton Marine charged with murdering Iraqi civilians in the city of Haditha says that confusion of that case with the prosecution of Marines in an unrelated homicide in a similarly named place is creating an unfair public image of his client.

3.  Over $1 Million Awarded to Visionary Leaders in Criminal Justice (PNN)
A lawyer working to unite children in foster care with their incarcerated parents and an investigative journalist exposing how justice is dispensed in Guantanamo Bay are among this year's Open Society Institute Soros Justice Fellows.

4.  Closing arguments begin in the Libby case (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
WASHINGTON - The two sides in the perjury trial of Lewis Libby laid out starkly different theories for the jury on Tuesday, as a prosecutor ridiculed Libby's claims of a faulty memory and a defense lawyer belittled the prosecution's case. The prosecutor, Peter Zeidenberg, said that a parade of witnesses had demolished the defense's contention that Libby had a bad memory rather than criminal ...

5.  `Pink rhinoceros' not that hard to see (Chicago Tribune)
Seeking to overturn former Gov. George Ryan's corruption convictions, lawyer Gene Schaerr on Tuesday told a federal appellate court panel that "a pink rhinoceros" hung over the trial, making a fair jury verdict impossible, perhaps because the lone pro-Ryan holdout juror was bounced for failing to disclose her criminal record.

6.  Simmons pushes for unity in black community (The Lufkin Daily News)
Born and reared in Lufkin, Winfred Simmons II has seen his hometown through many stages in his 39 years - as a child, student, parent and as an attorney. As the only full-time black attorney in Lufkin practicing criminal defense, he has a view of the community from a seemingly unique perspective.

7.  Mistrial nixed, prosecutor fired for leak (New York Daily News)
A Brooklyn judge denied a defense attorney's request yesterday for a mistrial after a jury disclosed they were aware of media reports alleging the lawyer got help in the case from his fiancée - an assistant Brooklyn district attorney.

8.  Foster mother mum as defense rests (Middletown Journal)
The attorney for Liz Carroll rested his case Tuesday after questioning one witness and without calling his client to the stand to testify in her own defense in her murder trial.

9.  Defense Lawyer Charged With Destroying Evidence (Hartford Courant)
Charges Stem From FBI Investigation Of Church Official In Child Porn Case A Greenwich defense lawyer with a high-profile client list was charged with two obstruction of justice offenses Friday by federal prosecutors who say he destroyed a computer belonging to a church music director accused of collecting pornographic images of children.